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Mandrake is a German Gothic Metal band from Emden, Ostfriesland, formed by Lutz de Putter in 1996. The band's name derives from the latin name of the Mandragora officinarum mandrake, which are said to give eternal life. The band recorded their first demo Mandragora Officialis in 1997. Their debut album Forever came out in 1998 and was produced with the help of some guest musicians. Birgit Lau joined the band in 1999 as a background singer, slowly getting more and more share of of the vocals. Being unsigned, after various line-ups, the band recorded a promo titled Entwine in 2002. The following year, Mandrake signed a contract with the German independent label Prophecy Productions and released Calm The Seas, followed by The Balance of Blue (2005) and Mary Celeste (2007). All the lyrics and music were written by Lutz de Putter and Jörg Uken.


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