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MagMell emerged in the Lisbon folk scene in 2010, a group of friends inspired by the musical traditions of Europe and beyond.

Playing music from Ireland, Scotland, Galicia, Sweden and Portugal among other sometimes more exotic melodies, and increasingly writing more originals inspired in these musical journeys. MagMell as played extensively in Portugal in numerous venues and festivals from north to south and as also played concerts abroad, more recently in India in October 2017.

MagMell’s sound is pulsing, energetic and uplifting, intending to excite the spirit into a dancing trance, and to transport the listeners to the “Plain of Joy” that in Celtic mythology gives name to the band.

Among the festivals played in Portugal are Festival Andanças, Festival 5 Elementos, Festival Raiz d'Aldeia, Festival Folk Celta Ponte da Barca, Arredas Folk, Tradidanças, Festa do Avante. Abroad; Antaragni and Oasis Festival in India among another few.

MagMell also plays frequently in Irish Pubs round Portugal, and are looking forward for more touring and concerts abroad.

MagMell are:
André Pinto (Piteiras); skilled and versatile percussionist with huge experience that has worked widely in the Portuguese music scene in many musical styles, a music teacher and video artist.
Miguel Girão; talented folk and classical guitar player with many years of training, a deep passion for folk music and a creative composer, also working with several bands.
Pedro Martinho; curious and cunning with many passions in many artistic fields, has preformed with numerous bands in several countries, having lived as a full-time musician in Dublin for four years, also composing frequently.

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