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"Bitch I'm Madonna" was co-written and co-produced by Madonna, Diplo, and British electronic musician and PC Music co-hort, Sophie, with additional writers including MoZella, Toby Gad, Ariel Rechtshaid and Minaj. Demacio "Demo" Castellon was the audio engineer for the track and also did the audio mixing and recording. Other engineers who worked on the track included Nick Rowe and Aubrey "Big Juice" Delaine, with Zeke Mishanec helping with additional recording and Angie Teo working on additional mixing. The song was the first time that PC Music, which generally catered to underground music and artists, was working with a mainstream artist like Madonna. Sophie recalled that it was Madonna who was "calling the final shots" for recording the song and noted that there was no label representative who dictated the process.

"Bitch I'm Madonna"
A 22-second sample of "Bitch I'm Madonna" featuring Nicki Minaj's rap verse and Madonna singing the lyrics "we go hard or we go home."
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"Bitch I'm Madonna" has musical elements from DJ Snake and Lil Jon's "Turn Down for What" (2013) with Madonna's vocals reminiscent of singer Miley Cyrus' autotuned rapping. The song has a tearing sound alongside the "bleepy electro" and "churning" dubstep composition. It begins with the sound of acoustic guitar reminiscent of Avicii's single "Wake Me Up" (2012), as Madonna coos in the background, "You're gonna love this", but quickly changes into an EDM and vaporwave track. The track deviates from a traditional song structure and hook, instead featuring harsh cuts, synths and Madonna singing in a nasal tone. Minaj raps in the track, asking everybody to "go hard or go home", while Madonna shouts lyrics like, "I just wanna have fun tonight, I wanna blow up this house tonight", "alternating between pitch-shifted shrieks of 'Who do you think you are??' and the sing-songy title taunt." Regarding her profuse usage of the word "bitch" in the song (along with another song "Unapologetic Bitch" from Rebel Heart), Madonna defended her decision to Billboard, saying:

I think that's bullshit. The word police can fuck off. I don't want to be policed! I'm not interested in political correctness. The word "bitch" means a lot of different things. Everything is about context. When I first moved to England and heard the word "cunt", I was horrified. People were calling each other cunts! And then I realized that, in that culture, it was different—they slapped each other on the back and said, "Who's the cunt, right, you're my best mate!" The word "fuck" doesn't just mean sexual intercourse. I mean, "You're a stupid fuck," "Are you going to fuck with me?" "Fuck off!"… Sex has nothing to do with any of those expressions, and the same goes for "bitch". If I say to you, "I'm a badass bitch," I'm owning myself, I'm saying, "I'm strong, I'm tough, and don't mess with me." If I say, "Why are you being such a bitch to me?," well, that means something else.

Since Madonna had to rush-release the first six songs from Rebel Heart due to the hack and leaks, Diplo clarified that the released version on the album was not his final mixing of the track; he later posted his intended cut on his SoundCloud account. Three of the house remixes of "Bitch I'm Madonna" were released as dub versions of the song, with a long drawn-out beat section and minimal vocals from Madonna, as noted by Robbie Daw from Idolator. Kleinenberg's remix had a completely different sound from the house mixes, although Daw believed all of them to be "cheap" sounding in comparison to the original. According to Sick Individuals, their remix of the song had "hard-hitting" beats and it was also an energetic version, catering to the dance floors. Fedde le Grand's remix of the song did not use any of the effects present in the album version, and was created as an electro house track with metallic sounds.

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