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Madlib follows "High Jazz" (Medicine Show N° 07) with the 8th installment in his Madlib Medicine Show, a mix of the multiple facets of jazz music: "Advanced Jazz". Madlib's been busy this year. And while his recorded output always spans the gamut, he often returns to recurrent themes, spread across the genres that serve as home base or bases, as it were. Jazz is one such base. High Jazz, the previously released Madlib Medicine Show album, showed a marked development in Madlib s craft: every element of jazz was encapsulated in that eighty-minute opus. What better way to follow such an album than with a companion-piece culled from the thousands of jazz albums that inspired Madlib's 1st forays into the genre? The resulting mix, Advanced Jazz, is, as the title hints, a step (or 3!) deeper than the Steve Kuhn & Weldon Irvine albums that he first enjoyed as he was first delving into his Yesterday's New Quintet project "Angles Without Edges" in 2001. Some of this music to the untrained ear might not seem to be jazz at all. But rest assured this is a jazz mix through and through, as exhilarating a ride as Madlib's "The Brain Wreck Show" (Medicine Show N° 06) and "Flight To Brazil" (Medicine Show N° 02). It's a celebration of this great American music and while it focuses on the past 40 years, it clearly heralds every innovation both domestic and international - of this century-old musical form.

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