• MC Frontalot in Bristol

    Jun 9 2010, 16h56 por adorpheus

    Last night I went to see MC Frontalot open for Wheatus in Bristol! It was an awesome show, I really didn't know what to expect since I've never seen live hip hop but OMG it was great.

    The show opened with some god awful student band that was really shit. I'm not going to say their name cuz I don't want to give them bad publicity but man they were really bad! By the second song, I was like, please kill me. I started to worry Frontalot wasn't going to come on or something but luckily he was on right after they finished.

    He opened with Charity Case, which was pretty good, but then he went into First World Problem which was AWESOME because I effing love that song, not to mention me and the rest of his fans were singing along during the chorus and it was just so rad to see that he had other fans there.

    He played a bunch of my favorites, including Goth Girls, Final Boss, I Hate Your Blog, Pr0n Song, and I think some others from Zero Day.