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Lunar Husky is a one man band that went through various phases and names (some of those names as "hello dinosaur", Kaiba, Sir Smith) because of the difficult to find a name that would synthesize a musical ambition.
It has gone through several changes until arriving at its current form yet with distinct stark Metalcore influences from ambient rock and post-rock through Japanese music . is a metamorphic and unique project ,

In September of 2014 debuted the Saosin-shy-a-like track called "Professional Liar"

Since then he has worked on his EP called "There Are So Many Names That Could Be Given" with the concept of the experimental word taken by letter

In 2015 came the second EP "Flowers of Elysium" where the construction of It´s cover was made based on a photo of the landscape of the childhood of his parents and with influences of , embracing a rainy, , and melancholically hopeful climate

In 2016 he debuted his first LP called "Kingdoms" with remnancent tracks from his last EP focusing on telling stories only through the names of their tracks and their instrumentals, which are highly influenced by the , , and scene, assembling touches of bands like The Cure, The Lulls In Traffic and Sigur Rós And by along side a dorny and

his currently discography consists of a web-premiered retro-game outfited EP called "I Was Born In The 90's" where he uses only synthesizers as his storytellers with tracks that contain references to games of the 90´s in a feeling of nostalgia

Nowadays LH is working on his second full length album

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