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    2001 – 2010 (9 anos)

Luna Mortis is an American heavy metal band based out of Madison, Wisconsin. The band was formed in late 2001 in Monroe, Wisconsin under the band's former name, The Ottoman Empire.In 2006, the band self-released their debut studio album, Way of the Blade. In 2008, the band self-released an EP, The Answer: Does Not Exist. That same year, the band changed their name to Luna Mortis and signed a recording contract with Century Media.Also that same year, the band recorded their debut for Century Media, The Absence, and released it on February 10, 2009. The album was recorded in Audio Hammer Studios and produced by Jason Suecof.

In June of 2007, Luna Mortis played the first Flight of the Valkyries female-fronted metal festival in St. Paul, MN under their original name, The Ottoman Empire. In June 2009, the band returned to St. Paul (now as Luna Mortis) for the festival's third installment.

Luna Mortis' musical style is often described as a mixture of different genres. Among the genres used to describe Luna Mortis are melodic death metal, power metal, progressive metal, and thrash metal. The band's vocal style is characterized by Mary Zimmer's use of both clean vocals and growled vocals. Brian Koenig, the band's principal songwriter, states some of his influences were Dream Theater, Joe Satriani, Megadeth, Metallica, Yngwie Malmsteen, and classical music. Mary Zimmer states some of her influences were At the Gates and Carcass.

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