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At least 11 artists are known as Lucy.

1. Lucy is the electronic producer Luca Mortellaro. In 2007, he released his first EP, "Open House" (Qoki Records), which immediately drew the attention of renowned artists, such as, James Holden. Constantly searching for innovative sounds, Lucy's dj sets and live acts combine techno, minimal, neo-trance and electro, to create a vibe that is simultaneously energetic and gliding. He currently releases most productions on his own label Stroboscopic Artefacts. His third album "Self Mythology", released in 2016, saw Lucy move further away from club techno towards a more tribal sound.

2. Lucy is a pop artist hailing from Massachusetts, where he made music with his childhood friends in the Dark World collective, whose notable members include DJ Lucas, Gods Wisdom, and Morimoto. He and Dark World collaborator Ghost comprise Club Casualties, a duo whose experimental electronic pop music defies any concrete label of the genre. Lucy has released a dozen albums and EPs. His solo work tends to stick to a core soundscape of hypnagogic art-pop, but he has a history of exploring other genres when collaborating: A plunderphonics album with Lucy Konigsberg, a dub album called "On Thin Ice with Gods Wisdom, an upcoming jazz album with Gods Wisdom, and his most famous song under the Club Casualties name, "392-2509 / Walk This Way".

3. Lucy is lovingly known as a tribute band to the late artist hide (former X JAPAN) and armed with the theme of ROCKIN. Its members are 今井寿 (Imai Hisashi, BUCK-TICK), KIYOSHI (machine, former hide with spread beaver), and 岡崎達成 (Okazaki Katsushige, AGE of PUNK).

4. Lucy is a metalcore/hardcore act out of Lancaster, PA, with influences ranging from Converge to Norma Jean, to Zao. They released their first full-length in 2006 under Blasted Records, titled "I Came Here With Nothing, I'm Leaving With Nothing" and toured in support of the CD. However, the band is working on some new material that they say will be released independently this time around.

5. Lucy is a young solo artist from Los Angeles, CA who thus far has one album, entitled 'Winter in June'. She is known for her tastefully written lyrics and catchy pop sound with an old-soul vibe. She is currently playing shows in the LA area as well as writing new material with her band, which consists of several interesting individuals including her father on bass, and the guitarist from Our Lady Peace.

6. Lucy is a funk/rock band from Wrocław, Poland, playing since 2004.

7. Lucy is a female Ranchera singer from Mexico.

8. Lucy is a pop singer from Armenia. She releases music primarily in English.

9. Lucy is a Hungarian Hard Rock band from Budapest, formed in late 2013.

10. Lucy is a Japanese guitar pop 4 piece band from Japan.

11. LUCY (루시) is a 4 member band under Mystic Story. The band is named after a dog that they used to play with that lived close to where they practiced. They all participated in the survival show JTBC SuperBand.

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