• Mixtapes Pt. I

    Jan 26 2009, 19h52 por gillianMFC

    I love my friends. But I love my music even more.

    Whenever someone close to me has a birthday, I make them a specific mixtape tailored to their interests. Sometimes I combine them if two friends have close birthdays. Depends on how many blank CDs I have or how lazy I feel.

    And since all these compilations are different and fun and awesome, I figured I should share them with you.

    (made for Connor. His taste in music is a lot like mine, but with more house/ambient/trance stuff. I think this is a result of dating for seven months. Anyways, he's the only kid I know who likes Joy Division as much as I do.)

    1. Gillian Nothing - Six
    2. Suicide - Cheree
    3. No Age - Teen Creeps
    4. Hüsker Dü - Broken Home, Broken Heart
    5. Liars - Let's Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack
    6. Health - Crimewave
    7. Sonic Youth - Kill Yr. Idols
    8. Lydia Lunch - Run Through The Jungle
    9. Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express
    10. Hercules and Love Affair - Blind
  • 50,000th Track

    Set 8 2007, 6h01 por seanmcgowan

    In anticipation of my 50,000th track, I took my top ten artists from here and put them all on a playlist and shuffled it up. I figured this way, no matter what track came on, it'd have some emotional weight in my life that I could write a typical boring journal entry about.

    I honestly though I'd make it to 50,000 tracks a lot quicker than a year. With how much I listen to music I'd never think it'd take me a year and three months to listen to 50,000 songs.

    It'd be very easy to say my music tastes have evolved quite a bit since I made my Last.FM. It's been shaped very beautifully, I take nothing but happiness from all the music I listen to. I love music. I love singing along to it, I love going ballistic to it. I love bobbing my head to it, I love getting goosebumps from it. I could not live without music, I'd honestly rather be blind.

    Here are some fun little stats about my top ten artists.

    1. Radiohead - 239 songs, 17.4 hours, 1.07gb
  • Ok, I'll Bite. Top Ten, Divided By Three

    Jul 16 2006, 6h36 por NodimaChee

    "Post your top fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite."

    1: Radiohead
    1. Meeting: Paranoid Android
    2. Love at First Sight: Fake Plastic Trees
    3.Current: True Love Waits (and all-time favorite)

    2: The Beatles
    1. Meeting: Any major single
    2. Love at First Sight: I'm Only Sleeping
    3.Current: Strawberry Fields Forever

    3: Talk Talk
    1. Meeting: Life's What You Make It
    2. Love at First Sight: New Grass
    3.Current: New Grass

    4: The Flaming Lips
    1. Meeting: Bad Days (Aurally Excited Version)
    2. Love at First Sight: Lightning Strikes the Postman
    3.Current: Suddenly Everything Has Changed

    5: Pavement
    1. Meeting: Silence Kit
    2. Love at First Sight: Stop Breathin'
    3.Current: Grounded (either version)

    6: Modest Mouse
    1. Meeting: Cowboy Dan
    2. Love at First Sight: Cowboy Dan
    3.Current: Trailer Trash

    7: My Bloody Valentine
    1. Meeting: Only Shallow
  • big day coming, less than a mile away

    Set 14 2005, 8h54 por thehaircut

    well well. after being able to walk quite well the day after i 'broke my toe', i might have to accept accusations of melodrama. i still enjoyed Nebraska a whole lot though.

    good thing too, a broken toe today would have darn gone messed up my day. yeah yeah yeah i'm going to the arms fair. i was thinking of buying an ak-47 to protect myself when london's levee breaks and i have to sit on my roof picking off the crack-zombies to stop em breaking into my armoured people carrier, but on second thoughts they will surely not let me in. so the only thing to do is shut down the pigfuckers in a steaming jealous rage.

    fortunately i have an inkling there may be some other reasons to go out and cause trouble. i'm not gonna bother making up statistics like "brit grunts kill more wogs since WW2 than your average thousandyearlong blitzkrieg", suffice to say - 4 million people died war-related deaths in the gloriously enlightened 1990s. 90% of these poor fuckers were civilians. or as the liars put it