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Launder is the project of California native John Cudlip. The band began when Cudlip met Jackson Phillips, who invited him to come to his studio and hang out some time. “There was something about Jackson’s home studio that just felt right to me,” says Cudlip. “The second I walked in, I knew that’s where I wanted to record my own songs.”

These recordings became Launder’s first EP, Pink Cloud, whose collaborative nature included the talents of Soko and Zachary Cole Smith, both friends of Cudlip. “We would be hanging out, just having fun,” says Cudlip, “and I’d lay down the basic tracks for a song. Friends would come in and out of the studio, and if they had an idea, they’d play it, right there on the spot. It wasn’t really talked about. It all just came together naturally.”

The new Powder/Chew 7” is a refinement of the process that led to Pink Cloud, showing Cudlip’s growth as a songwriter and artist. The result is a more personal batch of songs, written to showcase the full range of Launder’s music.

Cudlip is only beginning. He heads back into the studio soon to record a full-length. With a rising buzz about his music, Cudlip isn’t worried too much about the future. “I’m not trying to force anything too much,” he says. “I’m writing songs for myself and then putting them out into the world, and you never know what they’ll do.”

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