• Black Metal Ist Krieg

    Mar 7 2007, 21h35 por stjimmy666

    recently been getting more and more into a particular type of BM... can anyone reccomend me some stuff based on the following bands??

    Lord Belial
    Pantheon I
    Deathspell Omega
    Hecate Enthroned
    Judas Iscariot
    Old Wainds

    any help appreciated.

    oh yeah, dont forget i LOVE Bathory and Mayhem
  • The two types of black metal bands (or musicans)

    Out 24 2006, 19h14 por RethderGerwelt

    After my genius super articels about black metal, I now write the third, and maybe last one of this freaking horny super duper journals :D

    Today: There are two types of black metal bands out there, obviously, both types are deeply into nazism and other things which are so evil, I don't want to even call their names! I'm just scared :( and I'm into extreme forms of communism, so black metal fans beware! you will die in the horrible working camps of the communist world empire!

    1.Black metal bands which claim they are into nazism and really like the image of being "bad boys".

    Bands like Nachtfalke are so nazi, they sometimes even are to nazi to remove their nazistic working titles of their demos, see the demo "Sieg Heil" of Nachtfalkes Hail Victory Teutonia. They always hate jews and multiculti, they fear they could pair up with a chinese girl and get little half chinese, half aryan kids, or something else like this terrible construction of the dark gods!

  • Why Black Metal is nazi and Von Thronstahl is not!

    Set 24 2006, 9h58 por RethderGerwelt

    I think everyone knows my journal "Why scooter is better than darkthrone", I got many response from Black Metal Nazis and from people who want to become Black Metal Nazis. One of their major arguments was "BUUUÄÄÄÄHHH! You so evil, listening to nazi Von thronstahl and writing black metal is nazi... you so evil *whinny*". Since I restricted the ability to post comments to this journal many people wrote posts into my shoutbox, totally ignoring the fact that I'm not interested in their comments and won't discuss with them my journal.

    I desided to write another journal against black metal, this time I will explain why Von Thronstahl are extrem left wing anarchists and every Black Metal band is involved into nazism.

    So, lets go!

    1.Von Thronstahl use fascist imaginery, which means they are left winged! It's the nature of punks to use symbols that look very nazi (like the swastika on their buttons!)

    Black Metal Bands are nazi because they use fascist imaginery without knowing what it means!
  • Why Scooter is better than Darkthrone(actually better than every BM Band)

    Jul 21 2006, 23h31 por RethderGerwelt

    Actually, it's a long time since I planned to write a journal about black metal, and why it sucks. Now I got the idea, i compare elite black metal band Darkthrone with mainstream rave band Scooter. This journal is not about primary hate against Darkthrone, it's against all black metal but i took Darkthrone because they are one of the few reminding "TrVe Black Metal Nazis" from the beginning, and yes I know "they aren't nazis!!!!1111111eleven" I think "Norsk arysk blak metal" and an antisemitic statement are clear messages. Okay maybe black metal nazis think it's just provocation and this makes them just more trVe and whatsoever, and even if the distanced themselves from their former statements this was just a way not to be banned from big record stores, so that actually leads to the first point:

    Who is really more moneymaking music? Coward nazis or fine musicians who write songs about peace? Actually everyone hates peacr so the black metal nazis got the point…
  • .... blubsbärchen ....

    Jun 23 2006, 23h44 por killerblau