• Five artists I got into because of Last.fm (Thanks Last.fm)

    Mar 18 2011, 18h32 por InsaneGenius

    Almost five years ago Last.fm was recommended to me by a friend. Since I'm sorta in a mood to write about nothing in particular I thought "Why not pick a particular subject instead?". Witness the result. The following is hot, rough and unedited action. A little bit about five artists I got into because of Last.fm. They are arranged in no particular order. In the end I wont shut up about my own shit, yo.

    1. Rammstein
    Many years I was too cool to listen to Rammstein, I kinda had this opinion in my head that all their songs are boring techno/metal mashups with some deep voice vibrator up their asses. Judging from a few songs I heard. I never listened to an entire album of this, and I know that now, great band at that time. One sunny day, though, I listened to my Recommendation radio (back then it was still free all around the world, yay!) and on came Sonne. A song quite unlike what I believed Rammstein to sound like. And I liked it. …
  • New Krachfabrik Song!!!

    Jan 19 2009, 21h03 por InsaneGenius

    This is the moment everyone has been waiting for.

    A new song by Krachfabrik: One With The Cosmos (#13)