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Koan is Russian electronic music project performing in a range from chillout music to progressive trance. The member of numerous international festivals and events. Mysterious actor always at the cutting edge of modern electronica. Koan is the most successful and recognizable project of cooperation between Daniel Roeth and William Grey. One of the leading composers of Russian chillout scene. Widely known abroad. The music of Koan is the great mix of conception innovation and taste. Every new release is made with interlacing of different genres and cultures. The trademarks of the project are ultimate technological level of production and perfect sound quality. Daniel and Willam met each other in 1993 and started their collaboration based on sampler culture and trance music features. Accurate division in duties and working fields allowed them to establish four original electronic music projects. Koan for chillout; Vacuum Stalkers for progressive techno; Roeth & Grey for minimal, progressive house and techno and Fatum Sci-Fi for more experimental and alternative fielding records.

Daniel (Shanu) Roeth: In 1990s Daniel used to play techno, breakbeat and acid trance vinyls. After he got his hands on his first tracker-application he stopped acts as DJ. Since than he is busy with composing. Among different achievements he was composing for video games and documentary films. Daniel is permanent Koan’s composer and main narrator. Sound engineer, multi-instrumentalist and sound designer. The author for projects Koan, Vacuum Stalkers, Roeth & Grey and Fatum Sci-Fi. In 2016 he established mirror-project - Kaon. This one is the hip-hop experimental stuff with theatral parts. The hot cocktail of trap, future garage, downtempo, breakbeat, ambient. Project is collaboration of 2 persons. Daniel Roeth as producer and arranger and hip-hop artist Maxim Shustov. There is another collaboration project called Deep Koan. It is creative union with famous Russian musician and performer Vyacheslav Khakhalkin.

William (Klaxer) Grey: William is technical director, executive producer and general manager of project. He is expert in Demo-Scene, chiptune and computer games music. Master-chief in sampling technologies and experiments with sounds. He was highly influenced by 8-bit subculture, his musical tastes were formed from late Italo-disco, synth-pop, spacesynth genres, and by early states of electronica, including experimental acoustic music / field-recordings / musique concrète. Aside from producing, Grey was an ambulance-worker long time.

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