• Underrated Musicians: Gilby Clarke

    Dez 28 2006, 19h59 por adnanlastfm

    Gilby Clarke is one artist I really, really love and respect. I lost a little of that when he chose to appear on Rockstar Supernova. But I guess if you play music like his and produce the bands he does, you're going to need some cash to continue making that sort of music.

    An exceptionally talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Gilby Clarke earns my respect largely because he knows his rock n' roll. He's not ashamed to admit it, and will probably never stop making it. There are very few musicians in this world who refuse to adapt to the big fads of the time, and it is curious indeed that two of them are former Guns N' Roses rhythm guitarists. Izzy Stradlin' is another artist I deeply respect.

    Another thing is, Gilby loves music, not just rock music, and that shows. The first album he ever did was the brilliant power-pop release Whatever Happened to Fun?, which is now out of print, pops up in discussions in the most fashionable rock critic corners, and goes for quite a hefty price on eBay. …