• | Favorite Albums of 2009 |

    Dez 31 2009, 23h27 por mhunke


    This year, and decade, is finally over and it has been a great one, especially for hip-hop. Because I find it impossible to make a definitive ranking of these albums, I created a point system to determine rank, based on two stats: (1) total # of plays, and (2) average # plays per track (# of plays / # of tracks). I ranked every album based on these two stats and assigned points based on ranking in each category, added them together and ranked them based on their final score.

    Chris Cornell Scream ranked 1st in plays (262) and 4th in average plays (14.56). Therefore, the formula used to calculate points for this album was (101-2) + (101-4) = 196.

    This isn't a list of the best albums, but of my favorite albums. The ranking is sorted by plays and moderated by the # of tracks in each album. This compensates for greater # of plays for albums with more tracks (ie: B.o.B vs Bobby Ray [22], Mixtape Messiah 7 [26], etc.). So, here they are...