• I'm doing 50 questions again...

    Jul 12 2015, 19h27 por Dlartrisky

    I have decided to return these back because lol. why not

    tho I made up a quite few new questions on my own, it lacked a reasonability in them to be reasonable, so I almost ended up making a question with this sentence: "I ran out of reasonable questions." Well, I guess I can live with this...

    1. Last song of 17 you listened to?
    Depeche Mode
    Barrel of a Gun (11 Jul 2015, 22:41)

    2. Would you like to see 14 live?
    Linkin Park
    k why not

    3. How would've you liked to discover 11 bar the way you actually discovered that act?
    The White Stripes
    Finding them out through my classmate bass player is fine I guess, though, I heard Seven Nation Army being hummed by the crowd in Eurovision 2010 during German votes announcement. I would've gone through Google and asked with my back then bad English, "what was that song?".

    4. Which song of 32 describes you the most/could be your soundtrack?
    Bloc Party
    k idk but I hope I lean onto the right song... Helicopter. …
  • Best 50 questions. (2015.05)

    Mai 7 2015, 16h32 por Dlartrisky

    Oh so here's another survey... oh hoh hohh. This time the game is that I combined the "best" questions out of 3 surveys I made out already, so you know, it's ought to be interesting! :3

    +1 new question, this is b/c I liked it so shhhhh

    1. What's your favorite song by 28?
    Bloc Party
    Ra... wait, that's old times. Let me say, as for now it's Flux. :3

    2. Have you seen 21 live?
    My Chemical Romance
    *starts crying blood*

    3. What person made you get into 15 more than you did yourself?
    Gavin DeGraw
    A guy called Matthew (not Bellamy!). one of my last.fm friends. HE'S the one who introduced me to Fire. omG I'M SQUEALING

    4. What is a song from 10 that you've only listened to once?
    2 of them: Strange News From Another Star and Crazy Beat.

    5. Your best memory about 7?
    when I heard Sing on VH1 after forgetting it for a while. Lovely song I thought, so I scrobbled it heavily on summer 2014. and atm it's still my fave song ever, eventhough y'all think it's I Come with Knives. …
  • My own version of Top 50 questions (this time it's for 2015 April)

    Abr 11 2015, 17h00 por Dlartrisky

    Hehehehehehehehe. I just wrote my own 50 questions for my Top 50 already because... oh yesh I can! Let's see if certain journal addicts will survive these questions. >:)

    1. How did you get into 2?
    One of my favourite stories to tell everyone how did I get into a band or an artist! It was all gloomy back in, like, September 2013, but then I just got to know what TV3 television was playing in the background of Elementary advertisements! It was all thanks to an online contest where I got to hear Undisclosed Desires in full. And that's just a beginning. Few months later (exactly on January 2014) some really, really nice person sent Uprising to another online contest. I wanted that song to do well in there! Three months later (April 2014), when stumbling upon Top 10 Muse song list made by WatchMojo Youtube channel, Panic Station got my attention. And then I found it on last.fm and... yeah, listened to it. A lot. So much it was my top track for a while. MEEEEEMORIEEEEEEEES of the people who care if I live or die ;___;
  • Questions about your Top 50 (edition 2015 03 2.0)

    Mar 30 2015, 15h29 por Dlartrisky

    Oh that's another one, but at least question variety was even better than the one I nicked from GiggleSounds. This one is courtesy of Trossles. That's a long ago one but BLESS YOU <3

    1. What's your favorite song by 24?
    Only Miracle so far. Back then I even called it one of my favorite songs ever. That sneaky tag...

    2. How did you get into 26?
    The Killers
    Some Eurovision fans thought that Andrius Pojavis (Lithuania 2013) sounds very much like Brandon Flowers. And Lithuanian 2013 entry, Something, sounds very Human-like.

    3. Who is your favorite member in 25?
    Kaizers Orchestra
    I guess the vocalist guy because why not. He sometimes looks very nicey imo.

    4. Whats your favorite lyric bit by 1?
    At the moment it would be from I Come with Knives: either that German part or I never promised you an open heart or charity, / I never wanted to abuse your imagination or Adrenaline, / To rewire my mind.

    5. Have you ever seen 10 live?
    Nope, but I wish I did!
  • Questions about your Top 50 (edition 2015)

    Mar 29 2015, 13h21 por Dlartrisky

    so uhm I decided to do this b/c it seems fun xD Why 2015 edition? I might do the same exactly 2 years later or so b/c of the fact my Top 50 is so tight it's about to change every day and night or the numbers will get to be different. there might be some major gaps in between but nvm, I couldn't care less tbh.

    And now... the aaaaansweeeeeers!

    1. How did you get into 40?
    Arctic Monkeys
    Umm... long story. Dates me back to times I loved watching WatchMojo tops and Pleated Jeans misheard lyric videos. So one of WatchMojo tops was Top 10 Greatest Animated Music Videos. And #10 was "Do I Wanna Know?". And I was like "omf what the :O" at that video. Somewhere in between someone put that song to This Is My Jam when I junked into that site as that person's jam. I copied him or her too later on when I got into that song more.

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by 16?
    huhu another long story dating me back there! Well…
  • My personal scrobbled Best of 2014

    Dez 31 2014, 13h41 por Bellatrix86

  • Bands I'm proud to have seen live

    Set 12 2014, 12h04 por mickeywillis

  • My personal scrobbled Best of 2013

    Jan 31 2014, 23h32 por Bellatrix86

  • Podcast Episode 65: Rich and Dark

    Nov 9 2013, 20h41 por FiveSongSet

    On September 6, 2013, 5 Song Set released Episode 65 of the podcast. In this episode, we're going to revisit the warm, dark sounds that captivated me during my teenage years with some much newer music. The songs are:

    - Bastard sønn by Kaizers Orchestra
    - Touha by Fru Fru
    - Abandon the Care by Jellyfish Inn
    - Забывая спать by Клуб Завтрак
    - На Восток by Sasha Ilyukevich

    Many thanks to all the musicians in this podcasts for giving me permission to use their songs. More information about the artists and songs can be found in the show notes for the episode. More information is also available at the podcast website, http://5songset.net.
  • Kaizers Orchestra v Prahe

    Mar 9 2013, 21h39 por fanasapeles

    ( * * * * * * * * * * )

    Neskutočné. Ešte stále lapám po dychu a nemôžem uveriť tomu, čo som na tomto koncerte zažila. Vyše dvoch hodín dokonalého zvuku v priestoroch Roxy a ten najspotenejší chlap akého som kedy videla, ktorý ma dostal celou svojou lukratívnou osobnosťou. Koncert mi pripadal skôr ako divadelné predstavenie než obyčajné hudobné vystúpenie. Bola som jedným z mála fanúšikov, ktorí nehovorili nórsky a vôbec mi to nevadilo. Začalo to vadiť až vtedy, keď sa spevák Janove Ottesen rozhodol, že keďže 90 percent zúčastnených rozumie kloktavej nórštine, bude hovoriť len ňou a kto mu nebude rozumieť, nech poprosí suseda vedľa seba o preklad.

    Scéna koncertu bola tiež veľmi zaujímavá, svetlá sa menili s náladou hudby, ktorou nás táto šestica úžasných osobností počas koncertu častovala. Menili sa hudobné štýly, menili sa hudobné nástroje, gitarista si poplával v dave unášaný rukami fanúšikov, torta za odmenu skončila nakrájaná páčidlom...