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Joyce Wrice is a 24 year old singer/songwriter/dog lover from San Diego, CA. Currently based in Los Angeles, Joyce effortlessly exudes that refreshing ‘90s R&B cool, and has the warm, sultry sound to match. To be exact, 1998 was the year a young Joyce Wrice stole her father's Tamia CD and began mimicking the vocal stylings of what would become one of her biggest musical inspirations. Joyce also credits Brandy, Monica, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Christina Aguilera, and Usher as key musical influences.

At the urging of several high school friends, Joyce began posting Hip-Hop and RnB cover videos to YouTube when she was 17, alongside her friend, Ariel. Unexpectedly, their videos caught the attention of some of the artists whom Joyce and Ariel covered. This led to subsequent recording sessions with LA-based producer Polyester and Dom Kennedy. Through these experiences, and after graduating from Soka University of America with a degree in Liberal Arts, Joyce decided to relocate from Orange County to Los Angeles and transition from a YouTube cover singer to a solo artist with her own original material After a steady stream of solo releases on Soundcloud and YouTube over the last few years, 2015 marked the first commercial single release with a Mndsgn and DJ Harrison-produced song titled, "Ain't No Need." It was released independently and brought with it Joyce's first-ever official music video. The "Ain't No Need" music video received critical acclaim from Ebont magazine, illroots, and tastemaker extraordinaire, Questlove.

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