• Song Of The Day - 12 May 2008: How Can I Refuse

    Mai 13 2008, 0h05 por sablespecter

    Holy Mother of Music!*

    Heart / "How Can I Refuse" / Passionworks (1) / Aug 1983

    Artist: Heart
    Original Album: Passionworks
    Track: How Can I Refuse

    *It's Music Mamas & Metal Maidens Week...A week to honor the frontwomen of rock and metal!

    Day 2: Ann Wilson (right) & Nancy Wilson (2) (left)


    Staying in the mid-70s to early 80s today, this may be another off-base selection: Heart wasn't even the sisters' band to begin with, which was started in Vancouver back in the mid-60s by Steve Fossen (bass) and brothers Roger Fisher and Mike Fisher (both on guitar) - initially as The Army, and later White Heart. Ann and Nancy came by way of Seattle, having grown up as Marine brats in SoCal and overseas. The band had dropped the "White" by the time Ann joined them in 1970. Nancy came into the fold a few years later, and the sisters were romantically involved with the brothers.

  • Been awhile... time to ramble!

    Jan 14 2008, 19h07 por ChiefKrazyHorse

    I saw my colleague MetallicaACDC have a free-form rambling about things going on in his music world, and I thought it might be a good idea. I'll do something similar, but not a massive rip-off or anything. :D

    1. Scorpions' new album Humanity: Hour I is incredible. Desmond Child really knows how to get the best out of an artist, and it shows here. If I had listened to this album with no prior knowledge of the Scorps, I'd have thought they were a new band of twentysomethings. The production is crisp, the music is extremely modern-sounding, and the whole album has a very dire, urgent, apocolyptic feel to it. After listening to this, I had to bust out Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster is Loose. Desmond Child also produced this record, and again, it was a success. Meat Loaf and the Scorpions have both managed to update their sound without "selling out" or missing a beat artistically. Nice!

    2. I think I'm honestly getting a litle bored with my #1 artist, Journey. …