• TranceSound.net presents TranceSound Festival 2012

    Out 14 2012, 17h30 por trancesound

    TranceSound.net presents TranceSound Festival 2012

    TranceSound.net presents TranceSound Festival 2012 - 7 year anniversary

    TranceSound Festival 2012 will take place online, being an annual radio event broadcasted for 3 days in a row from 00:00 am on Friday the 19th of October to 24:00 on Sunday the 21st of October. As you normally know, TranceSound Festival is the annual TranceSound.net’s celebration, becoming a real and incredible music festival for all EDM minded people. In it’s 7th year already, TranceSound.net literally got it’s own massive support and and endless music data base, acting as a major backbone of today’s TRANCE experience.

    Together we have put in place a stellar line-up which will give you a great pleasure listening the whole event, gathering a number of 72 artists (Djs and producers) within the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and EMI (Electronic Music Industry) spectrum for 72 hours straight with Djs and producers from labels such as Black Hole, Armada, Enhanced…
  • Pharmacy and J00F Editions team up for WMC

    Mar 14 2012, 17h03 por trancesound

    Pharmacy and J00F Editions team up for WMC


    Two of the most respected names in the business, Pharmacy Music and J00F Editions join forces for a historical showcase at this year’s Winter Music Conference on Sunday March 25th at Mekka Nightclub.

    Featuring an extended joint set from Christopher Lawrence (USA) and John 00 Fleming (UK), along with Pharmacy artists Jonathan Allyn, Sean J Morris and Gian Carlo, this is the most compelling line up of underground trance you will find at WMC this year.

    Following a series of collaborative sell out shows, singles and a mix compilation together world renowned DJs John 00 Fleming and Christopher Lawrence bring the underground vibe of their shows from around the globe to WMC and we promise there won’t be a man left standing when they are finished.

    Forget the WMC cliches. This isn’t about VIPs, bottle service or pyrotechnics, it’s about returning to the roots of dance music and re-igniting…