• Jon Anderson Solo Work in Progress 14.9. '05

    Set 27 2005, 10h18 por tereensio

    A great, and different concert. I guess there were a little over 200 people in the audience, and the venue, the Tapiola-hall, added to the cosy, almost homely atmosphere of the concert. There were places free even in the first rows, so we changed place from near the mix table to the front. This was good in terms of following Jon's work and moods close-up, but audiowise a disaster, as an echo from the back of the hall kept mulling the whole thing over. It was something of a surprise to hear Dean Martin on the tape (including alos the Beatles, Zappa, and others) before the show. Jos also told during the concert that he keeps listening to Sibelius at home, especially the 3rd symphony. Great stuff.

    Jon strolled on stage almost sleepish or sheepish, no grand gestures. At least to me, in the beginning Jon gave the impression as if he had just woken up. One of the first three songs, he missed a chord, stopped, and started again. The same happened while he was starting to tell something – distracted…