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    Set 26 2014, 10h49 por UPRC

    For those out there who are unaware, Collective Soul will be releasing their ninth studio album, See What You Started by Continuing, sometime between the summer 2014 and early 2015. Since summer has come and gone without the new album showing up anywhere, it's probably safe to assume that reports that the album is due out in early 2015 are safe to bet on.

    See What You Started By Continuing is said to sound like a return to the sound the band used on their Youth album ten years ago (where does time go?) and is the first album to feature new lead guitarist Jesse Triplett and drummer Johnny Rabb.

    Joel Kosche recently left the band, with both sounds (Joel and Collective Soul frontman Ed Roland) offering conflicting stories regarding Joel's departure, so it's not entirely sure what really went on. One thing's for sure, I know that I'll miss Joel. Ross Childress had a superior sound, but I grew to appreciate and enjoy Joel's more raw sound. …