• Old Dog Blue

    Jan 13 2008, 20h34 por Ainurel

    Among hundreds of songs in any genre, there are bound to be a few melodies that reach out and strike a chord in me, for no clear reason. (Except that it helps if they are in the minor key.) The lyrics are secondary, but a nice language and interesting content add to the experience.

    Many old blues songs deal with canines - metaphorical Hound Dogs or actual dogs. The most moving old dog song I know is Jim Jackson's Old Dog Blue, which is very similar to the traditional bluegrass song Old Blue.

    The country blues blog Done Gone has a nice article about the song with lyrics and a recording from - what year? I'd like to know. Jim Jackson sings and picks beautifully, mournfully.

    I had an old dog whose name was Blue
    You know that Blue was mighty true
    You know Blue was a good old dog
    Blue treed a ‘possum in a hollow log
    You know from that he’s a good old dog

    The lyrics convey the pride of the hunter, missing his prize hound, but there's something more to the story.

    Blue treed a ‘possum out on a limb