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Jason Aalon Butler (born July 17, 1985) is an American musician from Inglewood, California. He is best known as the former lead singer of the post-hardcore band Letlive. He is currently part of the punk rock band The Fever.

Butler is known for his erratic stage performance, which involves high-energy nonstop movement, dance routines, smashing of onstage objects, frequent crowd surfing, and climbing festival stages.

Early life
Butler was born and raised in Inglewood, California where he was forced into maturity quicker than many others his age. He is the son of Aalon Butler, lead singer of the soul group, Aalon. Butler spent a considerable amount of time away from his father, as he was consistently busy with his music career. With his father constantly being busy with his band, Aalon, and his mother going through treatment for leukemia, he was left to raise his sister on his own. He has stated in several interviews that he would like to have children and give them the childhood that he was never granted due to his parents. Growing up with a black father and white mother (from Glasgow, Scotland), Butler found that he had problems fitting in with any of the white children in grade school as they would always ask why his mother was white and father wasn’t. "I grew up in the hood. For me all of my homies were African American or Latino, or Asian. We were all part of a minority, so for me it was about class, like we were all from dirt. We were all the same color, dirt poor."

Growing up with his father being a part of the music scene, music has always been an essential part of Butler's life. Butler grew up listening to a wide range of genres and artists. Of those genres, R&B, soul, and pop seemed to affect Butler the most, as his early inspirations include artists such as James Brown and Michael Jackson.

Butler got together with Keeyan Majdi, Alex Haythorn, Christian Johansen, and Ben Sharp in 2002 to form letlive., a post-hardcore band based out of Los Angeles. The band has released three full-length records, and are currently signed to Epitaph records. Each track features lyrics that come from personal experiences throughout Butler's life that he has been unable to say in any other way than through music. Butler states that in Fake History he was, "A little more apprehensive to say certain things, but challenged myself to say those things in The Blackest Beautiful." The band's fourth and final full-length album titled If I’m The Devil was released on June 10, 2016. On April 28, 2017, the band announced their breakup through social media sites. Butler was the only remaining original member of letlive. at the time of their breakup.

Gentlemen in Real Life
Butler created his own clothing line called "Gentlemen in Real Life," or G.I.R.L. In an interview with Blunt Magazine, Butler stated that he has always been passionate about fashion and clothing since he grew up with nothing. Each week the brand releases a new item, ranging from clothing and accessories, to soap and oils. G.I.R.L is trying to redefine what it means to be a gentleman and how a gentleman would present oneself.

Personal life
Butler follows a straight edge lifestyle and, while "it was a group of people I identified with", he has a skeptical stance towards the movement now because "it itself has shown me bits of the culture that have ostracised and been quite hateful to those that don’t subscribe." In an interview with Noisey, Butler stated that he has been sober since childhood because he did not like the "fever dreams" and "strange way or thinking" that are brought on by drugs. He has expressed that his reckless behavior "may seem like self-abandonment, but it is simply just me allowing myself to feel something that I wasn’t ever able to feel growing up" and that he does not believe in performing any acts that cause harm on others.

Butler married New Zealander musician Gin Wigmore in September 2014.

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