• "One Song at a Time" Review - Jamie Grace

    Abr 12 2012, 19h33 por Lostage93

    Jamie Grace is a new singer who is 20 years old and she is still in college singing her heart out with acoustic guitar and excellent vocals. She was diagnosed with a speech impairment at a young age at eleven years old called Tourette Syndrome However, it does not hold her back and you barely can even tell that she has a syndrome when you listen to her music. " One Step At A Time" is a very calm and entergetic album by Jamie Grace. This is her Debut album , she does a mixture of Hip-Hop and Pop along with acoustic pop sounds. She recently got signed to Tobymac's label. If you like Christian infused acoustic pop with great vocals then this album is for you and you will like Jamie Grace. If you like Britt Nicole then you will like Jamie Grace.

    My favorite songs on this album are " Hold Me f/ TobyMac" , " You Lead" and " Show Jesus"

    This album exceeded my expectations on this bright new Christian artist that brings a fresh mixture of acoustic pop with some folk and other things.
  • Top 50 Albums of 2011

    Jan 3 2012, 14h25 por acousticer

    50. Marié DigbyYour Love
    Hey Marié, It’s EP, not an LP for me! New album is on the way, though.
    Favorite Songs: Your Love (feat. Sam Milby), Loving You Is Easy

    49. Jamie GraceOne Song At A Time
    ‘One song at a time’ features fresh and happy music that you can listen like anytime!
    Favorite Songs: Hold Me, 1945

    48. Shemekia CopelandDeluxe Edition
    I think it’s a great title for an album! If you like real black Soul, then it’s for you.
    Favorite Songs: Don't Whisper, Wild, Wild Woman

    47. BernhoftSolidarity Breaks
    This guy was recommended to me by JTIvanov as I remember. Nice work, both of you guys))
    Favorite Songs: Shout, Buzz Aldrin, A Bad Place To Reside

    46. Olly MursIn Case You Didn't Know
    Not as good as his previous CD, but still enough to chart here
    Favorite Songs: Heart Skips a Beat, Dance With Me Tonight

    45. Anna NalickBroken Doll & Odds & Ends
    Any singer-songwriter can win my heart with some good music. Kiwimaria should be mentioned there too