• 12.7.2011

    Jul 12 2011, 9h54 por DJZick666

    Why did I wake up so early today? I saw a dream, hope it could get true. IT WAS HOT STUFF! ;D Hail the parents 0/ "WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP ALREADY!?"... YARR Ò.Ó

    ps. my radio is on and I HATE MAINSTREAM MUSIC!

    There out is very bad weather -_- Sucks...
    09:00 - Cloudy +16°C
    11:00 - Cloudy and light rain +16°C

    We have had so beautiful weather the last days and now so ugly D:
    11.7 - Sunny, thunderstorm with light rain +24°C
    10.7 - Sunny +26°C
    9.7 - Sunny, thunderstorms with heavy rain +27°C
    8.7 - Sunny +30,5°C
    7.7 - Sunny +27°C

    I really need a subwoofer in my car! I got now 200W stereos, and damn so amazing bass in these songs, i recommend if someone need woofermusic for weekends:
    D-Devils - 6th gate (Dance with the devil)
    Xentrifuge - Evolution
    Chrysalide - Noize Guerilla
    Alien Vampires - Lesbian Nuns Suck Me Dry (this is brutal stuff, played it high volume in the car and some guys on the road showed me this \,,/ :DDD)