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Growing up in a musical family, Isaac Shepard began playing piano/keyboards by ear at the age of twelve and very soon thereafter joined the band his father, James, was singing and playing guitar in at the time. As a member of “Dave and the Reverbs,” Isaac played keyboards at various soup kitchens, homeless shelters, social gatherings, church events, and random venues throughout Southern California.

Within a few years, Isaac’s family (father James, mother Debra, and brother Elijah) joined together to form a family band they named “Four Shepards and a Lamb,” and in 1996 they produced a self-titled CD of original contemporary Christian music. In 1998, Isaac released his first solo album, “On Subtle Ground,” featuring original keyboard instrumentals. Over the years, Isaac has played piano for numerous church worship teams and has continued to collaborate with James, adding piano to the rock “Moment By Moment” CD and to the Beatles/Everly Brothers love-songs tribute album called “From Me To You.” In 2005, Isaac produced his first live piano album, “Swept Away,” a collection of relaxing compositions. In 2008, Isaac produced his second solo piano album, called “Deep Joy,” and in 2009 he released his third solo piano album, “The Renewing.”

Isaac enjoys composing music across diverse genres, including classical, jazz, pop, rock, techno, electronica, and trance. His music and orchestrations can also be found in several games released by Reflexive Entertainment – where he works as a software engineer – including Simplz: Zoo, Airport Mania: First Flight, Build in Time, Jiggle Worms: The Battle, Jump Star, and Music Catch. Much of Isaac’s music remains unpublished and can be heard on the “Miscellaneous Music” page.

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