• New Recommendations - complete with spam attacks

    Mar 4 2008, 2h24 por Kapitankraut

    Normally these come after the charts, but LastFM's slow this week, so we'll do them the other way around.

    Ghozza, clearly irritated at being called a spammer (which is of course nothing more than what he is) seems to have enlisted his little friend "micropopwave" to do the same thing. What a smart little Dutchman he is, too. So there's a fair amount of spam here, and those two pieces of filth are to blame.
    That aside:

    1. Textures - "Millstone"
    Dutch death-y, thrash-y metal. Entirely unoriginal, and entirely uninteresting. I've honestly heard this sort of thing several times before. No prizes for guessing that this was courtesy of Micropopwave the spammer.

    2. Late! - "Pokey the Little Puppy"
    More of Micropopwave's spam. This is a solo project that Dave Grohl recorded while he was in Nirvana, apparently, which is of historical interest at least. I thought I might be able to get past my disgust at the spam and find some good music, but it's not very interesting anyway.