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Imperative Reaction was originally founded in 1996 by Ted Phelps and David Andrecht from the remains of the band D.N.A. A demo tape titled Debris was originally released in 1996, but was eventually recalled and destroyed as the band chose to go a different direction. The band's first release was an immediately popular track called Persistent of Memory. The track was included on Possessive Blindfold Recordings Exoskeleton Vol. 1.

The band's first album release was Eulogy For The Sick Child, release in February 1999. The popularity of the album in the United States caused Zoth Ommog Records to pick it up for European distribution in April 1999. As the summer of 1999 came around, the band was now carried under the Metropolis label, due to buyout of Pendragon Records by Metropolis.

In 2000, Jason DM and Sam P. of Pulse Legion joined the live band. The band became known not just for their popular debut album and extensive play in clubs, but gained a following as a band to see live.

In the beginning of 2001, Phelps began work on the band's next album. Due to an unfortunate loss of data on the primary hard drive used for recording, the album was delayed. The re-done material ultimately ended up with a different sound than originally planned. In April, 2002, Ruined was released. The band followed with a tour in support of the album, allowing them to play for increasingly large crowds and grow their fanbase.

Soon after the tour, the band worked on their next album, which would be released in early 2004. Redemption was more aggressive than the group's previous albums and helped to establish the band as standing on their own. In 2005, following the initial success of the album, the band toured along with VNV Nation as well as several other major acts.

Following the success of Redemption, the band worked for more than a year to release 2006's As We Fall.

With the release of Minus All in 2008, the band is now touring with Psyclon Nine to support their new album.

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