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Imanbek Zeikenov (Kazakh: Иманбек Зейкенов; born 21 October 2000), known professionally as Imanbek, is a Kazakh DJ and record producer. In 2019, he became internationally famous with his remix of Saint Jhn's "Roses".
Born in Kazakhstan, he is from the village of Aksu and has played guitar since the age of 8. He studied and works in rail transport, but has been engaged in music production since 2017. His remix of Roses by Guyanese-American rapper Saint Jhn brought him international attention. (The remix was done without Saint Jhn's involvement as Zeikenov's attempts to contact him on Instagram failed and he did not receive a reply.) It has appeared in the charts throughout Europe including Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, India and Sweden, becoming number 1 on Shazam World. Based on the success and popularity of the remix, the original song recorded in 2016, appeared on the US Billboard chart, the UK Singles Chart and other charts, including, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland in 2019. He has signed with the Russian label Effective Records and released his first Song on Spinnin Records' Dharma Records.

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