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Born Jason Mills, this American rapper goes by the name IDK (Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge), or by Jay IDK. He was born in London, England and he was raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

IDK initially gained some attention when he released his mixtape SubTRAP in August of 2015. This project narrates a story from both sides of the drug game. Through several characters that Jay created in the storytelling of this mixtape: Chris, Jon Jon, Matt, Ed, and King Trappy III. Each personality serves a different role involving the hustle of drugs as Jay demonstrates how it can impact many different types of individuals.

Jay IDK created a short film that incorporates elements of SubTRAP into the videography:

After catching some eyes with SubTRAP, IDK released The Empty Bank which premiered through Forbes. This mixtape focusses on certain themes of money. Jay addresses financial troubles on a global scale but also discusses the juxtaposition of appearing more rich than one actually is when they initially gain success as an artist.

IDK’s first “album” was released in October of 2017, titled IWASVERYBAD – although he doesn’t consider it an album himself, despite that many of his fans seeing it as one, he states his debut hasn’t been put out yet:

This recent project emphasizes Jay’s shame for going to prison, being the only one in his family to ever be locked up, yet he also explains how he learned from spending time being incarcerated.

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