• A Hypocritical Stance

    Ago 15 2011, 19h07 por DetoxScission

    For a good period of time I knew I liked Hypocrisy, but I could never look at an album and remember what most of the songs sounded like. So, to rectify this issue, I opened up my computer's word processor and have been going through every Hypocrisy album and taking note of how I feel about each song by putting them into one of three categories: Good, Passable or Shit. Each one should be pretty self-explanatory, so I don't need to go any further into that. I would also like to note that i'm sure if you read this, we're bound to disagree on some song/album opinions. I'm perfectly fine with having a constructive conversation about the band, but don't bother wasting the typing energy to write "What? You don't like 'Killing Art'? You're a fag, dude". I shall delete your comment and make the internet a little less annoying in the process. As of this writing, I still haven't listened to the first two full-lengths (And frankly, with the little I heard from them i'm not sure how worthwhile…
  • Riff des Tages

    Mar 8 2007, 21h45 por KingFossil

    Peter Tägtgren/Andreas Holma - Riff zur Bridge bei Blooddrenched

    Eine dissonante, schräge und ekstatische Steigerung kurz vor dem Refrain, der leider nocht so viel Gott ist.