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Influenced by Discharge and the fastest US HC bands like M.D.C, D.R.I and especially Siege, Heresy were lucky to have the formidable talents of Steve on drums–though young, he put himself through a punishing daily rehearsal schedule, such that he was arguably the fastest drummer in the world when they entered the local Nottingham no-budget Pavilion Studios just before Xmas 1985 to record the Never Healed flexidisc. With Reevsy on guitar and vocal duties,and Kalv on bass, the band laid down 6 tracks in barely a day. The flexi was released by Kalv and Dig's DIY jointly funded label ( the name "Earache" was added to the label at the last minute) and all 3000 copies sold out right away. The six tracks included were blisteringly fast thrash with non-existant production, but the proto-metalcore riffs in the songs attracted metal fans to the band as well as the usual hardcore punk crowd. At this time, Heresy would often play The Mermaid pub in Birmingham -usually sharing the bill with the still unsigned Napalm Death, and it was noticable that both bands' drummers were engaged in a kind of friendly rivalry to see who could play fastest on the night. Music was accelerated to superhuman speeds, and 'grindcore' had its birthplace in early 1986 on that stage.

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