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  • Anos de atividade

    1993 – até o momento (24 anos)

Haus Arafna is a German Industrial band (self-description: "Angstpop"), in the early 1990s by Mr. and Arafna (Karl Tockweller and Isabelle Montess).
Haus Arafna connects seamlessly with the tradition of the "dirty", "krachig" Industrials such as that of the also German Genocide Organ or the Swedish Survival Unit.
''We are working specifically with vibrations and frequencies, which differs greatly from haus Arafna other bands and performers of this genre. Often the sound collages seem bizarre and disturbing, which is the squealing and / or bellowed "singing" only encouraged. ''

Over the years, could haus Arafna as one of the few industrial bands from the tight limits of the industrial scene break out, and is also frequented by listeners, for example, electro , EBM and Black Metal is a highly popular. All works by haus Arafna are currently on the Industrial label Galakthorrö. In addition to the unlimited CDs, there is always a hand-numbered, limited edition vinyl.

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