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One of the most versatile and charismatic oriental violinists in the present scene, Hanine is an exceptionally dedicated and gifted performer whose passionate artistry has been heard and embraced around the country. “There are a lot of fine violinists, but few can match body spirit and performance for an honest virtuosity that supremely serves the music…”

Born on April 12 1986 in Baskinta, Hanine began her career as a violinist at the age of 9 motivated and always guided by her demanding father. Hanine grew up in the rustic town of Dhour Choueir and crowned her education with a Diploma from the Lebanese Superior Conservatory of music graduating with a “License Maitrise en Pedagogie musicale“. Hanine’s love and devotion for her routes & nation blended with her passion for nature created an artist fueled by harmony and consistency.

With only a few soft strokes, Hanine transports her audience to a different dimension with a mythical blend of sizzling Latin fever & heart-throbbing Oriental rhythms. With only a few strokes, the young violinist marries the east to the west giving birth to a new music genre that can only be heard when she performs…

In June 2014, Hanine released her first work. | Written & composed by Hanine herself, “Nostalgia” is the sentimentality for the past. Nostalgia is “homecoming”, a longing, a wistful desire to return in time…

Hanine can only be described as a mesmerizing artistic fusion of melody and dance…

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