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  • Anos de atividade

    2007 – até o momento (11 anos)

Hammer Horde was founded in the winter of 2007 by Derik Smith (guitar) and Jayson Cessna (drums), after the breakup of their previous band Forever Lost. Originally intended as a two-man studio project, the duo later expanded their ranks by enlisting Ryan Mininger (A Gruesome Find) on second guitar and Tom Sturniolo (ex-Forever Lost) on vocals. By 2008, Ben McGeorge (ex-Terminator) was brought into the band on bass guitar. Later that year, the group entered Dimmworks Studios to record their debut album “Under the Mighty Oath”, which was released in 2009. In support, the band filmed their first music video for the song “In the Name of Winter’s Wrath”.

In the fall of 2010, Hammer Horde returned to Dimmworks Studios once again to record their follow-up release - "Vinlander". In the spring of 2011, bassist Ben McGeorge was fired from the band due to internal conflicts, ultimately being replaced by longtime friend and musician Jason Reynolds (ex-Habitual Coersion). Continuing in a similar, although more refined style, “Vinlander” was released in early 2012, along with a music video for the song “Midgårdian Revelry”. The sophomore album saw an increase in the band’s popularity as their audience began to grow.

In May of 2013, original vocalist Tom Sturniolo announced he was leaving the band due to personal reasons. After Sturniolo’s departure, Hammer Horde continued to work on their next album “Fed to the Wolves”, entering Storm Surge Studios the following summer. In February of 2015, the band revealed that Brock Bickelhaupt (Exit Self) had been chosen as the band’s new lead vocalist.

With new blood in their veins, the quintet released their third album “Fed to the Wolves” on December 1st, 2015. Considered their strongest, most aggressive work to date, “Fed to the Wolves” demonstrates a milestone in the band’s career, as well as a stunning example of what’s possible in the years to come.

The time for peace has ended- The wolves of Vinland have returned!

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