• Foster the People — The Greek Theater, Berkeley, California — June 29, 2012

    Jul 2 2012, 22h36 por ironsoap

    Despite having attended dozens of shows across Northern California since my first genuine concert experience when I was maybe 15, I have somehow never had opportunity to visit Berkeley's Greek Theater. The outdoor, concrete amphitheater is kind of like a happily intimate cross between the rugged spectacle of Mountain View's Shoreline and the classy architecture of many of San Francisco's indoor venues like the Warfield. It's a nice place to catch a concert, especially in the pleasant weather of late June.

    The triple-billed show started with Kimbra, a performer I had practically zero exposure to other than watching half a YouTube video on the BART ride over to the show. I was pleasantly surprised by her performance. It's never easy to be an opening act, but Kimbra made the wise decision to stick to uptempo, high-energy tracks and while she won't win any dance competitions, her stage presence was engaging and entertaining. I was left after the short set with the conviction to definitely devote some time to checking out her catalog.
  • Track by track by inch by loaded memory

    Set 12 2008, 8h19 por voidoflogic

    I just noticed this evening that last.fm now includes your entire listening history in track by track format. Holy shit. I decided to look through it, and since I never have done this before, make one of those counted play chart thingies.

    The first song I ever listened to via last.fm (well, audioscrobbler), on May 26th 2005 was... Le Tigre's Yr Critique. Even three and a half years ago, I was making fun of myself.

    The 10th song ever was Jumbo Blimp Jumbo by Kyuss.

    I'd played 50 songs by the next day. Black Sabbath's Voodoo.

    A hundred songs later fell on May 28th 2005. This one was (gasp) Spine of God.

    Skipping ahead because this is boring...

    1,000th: Sheavy - What's Up Mr. Zero?
    2005 June 17

    5,000th: System of a Down - Deer Dance
    2005 September 17

    10,000th: Hall & Oates - You Make My Dreams Come True
    2005 December 23

    20,000th: Deftones - The Chauffeur
    2006 July 28

    25,000th: Depeche Mode - People Are People
    2006 October 26