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Gus Dapperton, Born May 12th, 1997, is a self-produced singer and songwriter that makes pop music.

He was first noticed in the music community with the release of the music video "Mooda, Once with Grace" which premiered on Youtube May 9th, 2016. He is known for his iconic bowl cut, flood pants, poetic lyrics and dance moves.
As a child he grew up listening to artists such as The Beatles​, Bruce Springsteen​, The Beach Boys, ​Fifty Cent​ and J Dilla. In high school and middle school he was into 1980s nuwave, 60s rock, and hip hop.

He wanted to be an inventor of sorts, he claims he had an idea for something similar to the Roomba when he was 4, but he never pursued it. He went on to say he has a Roomba now, and his dog growls at it.

In 8th grade he developed a deeper interest in music, along with his other friends who were interested in Rap. That same year a music writing contest was held, and Gus and his friends won. He became passionate about making music.

As he got older in his teenage years, he started to develop his own style and started collaborating with other artists around the New York City area. After going through a breakup, he started to take his music more seriously, and began working on songs.

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