• Favourite hip hop lyrics......

    Mar 11 2006, 1h45 por diamond_queen

    ok, so everyone has their favourite lyrics from tracks. Some that mean somethin to you, some that are str8 up insane, and some that are soooo on point, its sikness to its max!

    Anyhoo, I'm going to take my time with this and keep adding lyrics, but right now, I'm listenin to Song Cry ...

    "Used to tell they friends I was ugly and wouldn't touch me
    Then I showed up in that dubbed out buggy
    And then they got fussy and they don't remember that
    And I don't remember you.."

    The way he delivers that last part........i love that.

    Also, ma insane favourites....Killah Priest on 'Saviorself', I've been bumpin that alot:

    'I paint flows with the feathers from the wings of angels..' poetry man..

    And then, Gza'z opening lines on On The Eve Of War..:

    "imagine a rhyme in it's prime from off the baseline
    skyscraper a vertical support the hang time
    evidence that was left at the scene of the crime
    trace back to a few from outta group of nine
    who performed well regardless to the price of the ticket