• Justice (concert review)

    Mai 7 2012, 16h45 por AlanRanta

    Thu 26 Apr – Justice
    Read the Bastard!
    PNE Forum, Vancouver BC April 26
    By Alan Ranta

    Like with most big-budget electronic acts, one attends a Justice show to see impressive lighting and hear massive beats. True to form, the Parisian duo have a deceptively killer rig, though at first, it seemed underwhelming.

    Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay shuffled out and took their place at the middle of the arrangement, so high and back that it was impossible to tell what they were doing behind a monolith of studio-rack gear six rows wide, likely used only for their blinkables, in the middle of which was the band's iconic cross logo. On either side of this were two three-by-three stacks of Marshall amps, all in front of a curtain of bulbs stretching from floor to ceiling.

    As the set progressed, so did the visuals. …