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Gábor Deutsch became known first as "Anorganik" but he is also "Gary Blade" producing house tracks under this alias. "Raster" was born in 2002 to represent Gábor's breakbeat line on Hungary's finest electronic label Chi Recordings. His very first track (as Anorganik) was released on the Future Sound of Budapest vol.2. in 1998. This was followed by his first EP, Chilly Motive, from which the track Sunday Morning was copied to many famous compilations. After this success, his first solo album Contrast released under UCMG's MOLE label and absolutely reflected Gábor's wide musical interest. In 2000 he co-founded Subscope Recordings the first Hungarian drum and bass label. His name appears on numerous compilations, and Anorganik also does live shows where he is accompanied by his friends Gergo Szocs on drums, DJ Mango on scratch and percussions, Shabaak on double-bass, Sena as vocalist and MC Zeek . And the highly successful Raster vs Amb live acts are favorite events of breakbeat parties. As Raster he got himself several dj fans in the breakbeat scene: his tunes are played by Hybrid, the Plump DJs, Barry Gilbey just to name few. In the past years he produced many remixes also. Since 2003 he has been mixing mastering and making additional production for hungarian electronic musicians and bands like Zagar, DJ Bootsie, Yonderboi, Amorf Ordogok, Erik Sumo, EasyLifeNatural, Anima Sound System, Shane54, DJ Naga, Duel, Egy Kis Erzsi Zene, Kiscsillag, Bankos & Norba, Brains.
In 2003 with Soneec Muzzaik Belocca they formed Muzzaik Productions an later on they founded a house label called
LIP Recordings supported by Roger Snachez, Mark Knight.

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