• The Vessalis Music Awards 2009 Including My #1 Album Of The Year

    Dez 31 2009, 13h34 por CvaldaVessalis

    I'll try to keep a gush to a minimum when discussing my favorite album of 2009 for a multitude of reasons:

    1) This talented lady has had more plaudits thrown at her than nearly any other musician/act to release an album this year;

    2) Hers was one of the first albums I listened to this year, and despite her position fluctuating, she has always remained in my Top 3 for nearly twelve months;

    3) I've seen her live twice, the first being her premier UK appearance opening for Röyksopp and the second being her last ever performance under her solo moniker (for the foreseeable future, anyway...)

    4) Her album is a joyously eerie piece of work, at once humble and epic, creepy and soothing, impossibly grand and filled with nervy nuance. It is, quite simply, the most evocative presentation of another world beyond our own that has been created this year.

    So, Cvalda/Dibder's Album Of The Year award for 2009 belongs to...

    Fever Ray by Fever Ray
  • Good Vibrations Melbourne @ Tunebinder

    Fev 18 2009, 15h06 por Psicosis

    Sun 15 Feb – Good Vibrations

    Fatboy Slim Doesn’t Live Up To The Hype

    Jam Music put many punters in a difficult situation by having all three international headliners on at the same time. The now infamous crappy set times had everyone scratching their heads about who they wanted to see at the end of the day. For reasons that I can’t even remember or justify, I chose to see Fatboy Slim. There was so much promise and potential in seeing the guy who made You’ve Come A Long Way Baby. To quote a girl I spoke to in line for the toilets, “he may be a great producer, but he’s a shit DJ”. If only I’d heeded her advice.

    CONTINUE: Good Vibrations Melbourne: Fatboy Slim Doesn’t Live Up To The Hype»

    The Pharcyde of The Universe

    It’s been over 10 years since The Pharcyde split up and performed together with all the original members. Yet, at their Good Vibes show it was like no time had passed at all. Sure they looked a little bit older, but that wasn’t going to stop them from being completely and utterly amazing!
  • And So It Goes... My Top 50 Albums Of 2008 (Pt. 4)

    Dez 30 2008, 13h37 por CvaldaVessalis

    So, here it is, my Top 20 albums of the past year... I've run out of cute/entertaining/banal things to write so I'm just gonna get right to it. Though I am surprised that "gonna" is able to get through SpellCheck without any naughty red squiggles... hmmm.

    20. The Odd Couple
    Cee-Lo and DJ DangerMouse may have diverted their attentions to lesser causes this year ranging from the pretty good (Martina Topley-Bird) to the disappointing (Estelle), but they do well to hoard the killer tunes for themselves, even if this more-than-fine companion to St. Elsewhere didn’t hit as commercial a high as their first offering. This is most likely due to the album’s darker atmosphere, where even the lighter moments are tainted by an inescapable melancholy, such as Blind Mary. However, there’s no denying this album’s repeat-play power, particularly on Who’s Gonna Save My Soul (and its literally heartbreaking video) and Run (I’m a Natural Disaster)… Hint: for your next party CD, you’d do a lot worse than putting Run alongside B.
  • Fuck the comcast center

    Ago 2 2008, 20h15 por jkatticus

    I must admit it's hard to go from a music festival with extremely lax security. To a venue like the comcast center, it's hard to get into the mood of a concert when I am constantly getting barraged by advertisements and hassled by security. I had been to this venue once before a while ago to see Jack's Mannequin while it was the tweeter center. My memory may fail me as I try to recall certain things but I dont remember it being this bad. Eight dollars for a small cup of beer, four dollars for water. Especially when this festival is largely based on underground, its hard to buy into when I'm constantly being chased around for my money. The security was also being a pain in the ass, we were standing behind the seats where general admission is, and some twat waffle comes up to me and is like back up farther. Well besides that the festival was chalk full of awesome hip hop, A Tribe Called Quest really took the cake, but the Pharcyde was also on top of their game, especially when Fat Lip did What's Up Fatlip?. …
  • The importance of Meta Tags

    Jun 3 2008, 19h49 por vveerrgg

    Every couple of weeks sends me an update letting me know about their new releases. While the majority of the music on that site doesn’t interest me, every once in a while they have a gem of a release at a HIGHLY discounted price. This week’s little gem peeked my interest (as quoted from their email):

    RMXXOLOGY - Delicious Hip-Hop RMX’d
    To commemorate their 20th year anniversary, the trailblazing hip hop label Delicious Vinyl has released RMXXOLOGY: a compilation of top tracks remixed by today’s hottest DJs. Classics from Tone-Loc, Young Mc, The Pharcyde, Masta Ace and Fatlip have been reimagined by Hot Chip, Peaches, Aaron LaCrate and more! And don’t miss the “Wild Thing” (Peaches RMX) and Delicious Gutter EPs, complete with extended versions and exclusive instrumentals!

    All those artists are right out of my youth; so I thought I’d give it a download and check it out. How do I like the release? It’s hot!… And the songs all have history with me…. so the remix updates put a new and entertaining spin on them.
  • This Week's On-Sales at the Knitting Factory

    Ago 28 2007, 21h18 por TheKnitLA

    Monday, September 17th
    Mad Marge and the Stonecutters, the kat killers, Media Control, Catacomb Rockers
    7:30 PM, $5
    Formed in late 2004 from the barren nothingness of the High Desert of Southern California, Mad Marge and the Stonecutters hit the scene with a huge force. The Stonecutters set out to play music their way with no regard for rules, fashion, scenes or formulas. This disregard for the status quo set them on their way to make the music they’ve come to call their own: loud, fast rock ‘n’ roll with a driving double bass, ingenious guitar riffs and ferocious yet powerful female vocals, perfectly balanced amongst each other and just as it should be.

    Sunday, September 23rd
    That 1 Guy
    7:30 PM, $10
    From’s review of That 1 Guy’s masterwork Songs in the Key of Beotch:
    “Mike Silverman, under the alias That 1 Guy, originally self-recorded and released Songs in the Key of Beotch in 2003, before it was picked up by Righteous Babe in 2004. …
  • Me ollaan yö! / We are the night!

    Jul 12 2007, 18h01 por Kaufmania

    Yleensä vanhojen suosikkien levyjä tulee odoteltua kuukausikaupalla vesi kielellä. Joskus taasen käy toisin. Esimerkiksi niinkin lempparibändin kuin Leevi and the Leavingsien kohdalla kävi niin, että kesäkuussa 2003 sitä sattumalta käveli julkaisupäivänä kauppaan ja tuli bonganneeksi uuden mainion levyn. Se on kai jonkinsortin tietokatkokseen joutumista.

    Samanlainen tapaus kävi nuoruusvuosien rakkaan The Chemical Brothersien kanssa. Jo vajaa kymmenen vuotta sitten soittimessani soi ahkeraan rajoja rikkonut Dig Your Own Hole. Sittemmin 2000-luvun taite ja etenkin vuoden 2002 laimeahko Come With Us veivät veljekset jo kauemmaksi kuuntelutottumuksista, mutta 2005 usko palasi, joskin hieman epätasaisen, mutta nerokkaan, levyn myötä.

    Heinäkuussa 2007 Kemikaaliveljekset siis päättivät julistaa olevansa Yö. Kuulostaa pirun pahalta, enää puuttuisi Laulaja Olli Lindholm, joka yllättäenkin lyhenteenä on LOL. Vaan itse asiaan. Night onneksi taipuu myös muotoon ”ilta”, ja iltaisaa, hämyisää, kikkailevaa electroa levyllä tarjoillaankin.
  • [Free] Mix CD - Snap, Crackles & Pop

    Mar 20 2007, 18h18 por Dijital

    Being a bit of a perfectionist I've had this mix ready for about 3 months but I wasn't completely happy with it, but now I'm confident that it's ready for general consumption.
    Snap, Crackles & Pop, like all my mixes, doesn't have an agenda. It is a collection of songs I like. This is months of work on and off, with up to 5 layers of mixing in places, so I hope you like it.

    Track list
    01. I Want You
    02. Facing That Void Ft. Maroons
    03. The Devil
    04. Losing My Edge
    05. Crisps
    06. I Want 2
    07. The Force
    08. Battleflag
    09. Her Majesty's Hokey Cokey
    10. Hi-Tek Marvin
    11. The Ownerz
    12. What's The Use (Mocky Remix)
    13. Human Nature
    14. Right Here (Human Nature)
    15. Let's Ride
    16. Fallen
    17. Exclusively
    18. 1 Thing
    19. Canto De Ossanha
    20. Comfortably Numb
    21. Eye of the Tiger
    22. I'll Never Forget
    23. Don't Stop Til You Get Enough (demo)
    24. Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
  • Breaking Kayfabe

    Ago 28 2006, 3h01 por rightroundmusic

    Andrew Rose's blog at]

    I don't get hiphop. Actually, that's not true. There's plenty about hiphop that I know and love. While I'm far from being a scholar of the genre, I do have a pretty good idea of what I like and don't like. What I don't get is how invested an MC's success seems to be in youthful persona-building - the kind of posturing that can mean the difference between a superstar and a has-been.

    An unhealthy obsession with young stars is by no means unique to hiphop, but most genres also manage to cherish their veteran heroes. That's not to say that some young artists aren't worth getting excited about. (Anyone who hasn't yet checked out the first album by Edmonton, Alberta's Cadence Weapon, Breaking Kayfabe, should definitely do so. Canadian hiphop will be huge in 2007, you wait and see.) And that's not to say that some legends aren't still being given the credit they're due. But that's not always the case.


  • Why not

    Mar 8 2006, 23h05 por ylvis

    Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud and press play. Use the song titles as your answers. NO CHEATING!

    How does the world see me?
    Song: Gift Of A Brand New Day
    Artist: Harvey Andrews
    Comments: The day startes with me

    Will I have a happy life?
    Song: You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son
    Artist: Wolf Parade
    Comments: Daughter actually. I that my big accomplishment? Then I wont be happy.

    What do my friends really think of me?
    Song: The Sound of Fear
    Artist: Eels
    Comments: Oh, I didn'r know that they were scared of me

    Do people secretly lust after me?
    Song: Is She Fiona
    Artist: The Gerbils
    Comments: Why do everyone like Fiona

    How can I make myself happy?
    Song: trouble at home
    Artist: trace wiren
    Comments: When it isn't trouble at home

    What should I do with my life?
    Song: Writer's Block
    Artist: Fatlip
    Comments: Not get writerss block

    Why should life be full of so much pain?