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Thrash/Groove Metal - USA
Anthony Dean Hare - Vocals
Dillon Winstanley - Drums
Tim Holloway - Guitar
Trey Hildesheim - Bass

The Battle Has Begun… - 2012
To Hell We Fall - 2014

Excessum formed in early 2011 with a much different line-up and no idea how bumpy the road to success really is.

The band started when guitarist, Tim Holloway and drummer, Dillon Winstanley met via a mutual friend. Although originally, the band had 2 guitarists, Zach House alongside Tim. But, because of creative differences, Zach decided to part ways with Excessum. So, with Bryant Payne on vocals, Excessum started recording their first album in late 2011 on through to early 2012 and released it shortly thereafter. Now working on the second studio album titled To Hell We Fall, the band is now operating with Anthony Hare on vocals and Trey Hildesheim on bass, going harder than ever!

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