• Spit venom or swallow the truth serum

    Ago 23 2008, 16h05 por superandy_07

    People always want what is unreachable for most, people spend their lives reaching for a phantom ledge that they think they can grab, its the shiny penny syndrome I think, we want it shiny, we want it now, live for the future because today isn’t as special.

    Like today’s music scene, MTV is showing reality TV shows, the next big thing is decided by Radio 1 (which is cancer for the ears by the way), classic music is deemed to be chart hits from the past, no room for prophets in Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, Paul Simon, Shane McGowan, Brad Nowell, Eugene Hutz etc

    Only room for the latest thing, where posers and models with guitars boogie to the shit for beats. It’s disgusting with the media throwing all this shite to our ears and making people think that this is good music. Your only scratching the surface if you think it is.

    Music isn’t challenging any more, its playing it safe in fear of losing record sales, no-ones standing up to our government system (did you know that we are the only…