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  • Data de lançamento

    22 Setembro 2018

  • Duração

    1 faixa

Coming in mid September is an absolutely lovely, pastorally infused, first album from Enofa (Ross Baker), entitled, “Arboretum”. Ross had released a collaborative album with us a few years back under the name, Middlemarch. Their partner on that “Wolf Hall” release, Dimitris Avramidis, also contributes to this new effort.

This time around, nature, and the inspiration derived from walking among the trees in the park and Arboretum near their home, plays a large part in the overall tone of this one long beautiful track. Like the Arboreta, which are regularly crafted to contain a range of contrasting shapes and colours, that gives them a very unique look and atmosphere, this wondrous soundscape of sorts, incorporating field recordings, moody guitars and synth, and electronic treatments perfectly reflects the calming and mysterious feel of the long and languid glorious English days of the moment. Wind chimes… the crackle of leaves underfoot… the light, swirling wind in the treetops… the sun breaking through the clouds… put this album on and you will find yourself strolling there as well!

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