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  • Data de nascimento

    1979 (idade 38)

Jason Powers (better known as eLZhi) is a solo rapper and also a member of the Detroit group Slum Village.
Originally consisting of T3, Baatin and J Dilla, Elzhi became a part of the group in 2001 while they worked on their third album, Trinity (Past, Present and Future).
In 1998, Elzhi recorded a number of songs with Detroit hip-hop artist DJ Houseshoes with DJ Rios. These recording sessions yielded the material that would become the Out of Focus EP.
In late 2000, Elzhi acquired his master tapes and provided his close friends with cassettes of the Out of Focus EP in addition to 3 extra tracks. These few cassettes allowed the material to eventually leak onto the internet under the name "Unreleased Solo Project." CDs sold or distributed under this title are usually completely mislabeled with inaccurate tracklistings and credits

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