• [19] Ella Fitzgerald – Sings the George and Ira Gershwin Songbook (1959)

    Jul 7 2008, 19h43 por Llorenza

    Ella FitzgeraldElla Fitzgerald Sings The Gershwin Songbook

    Ella sings the Gershwin songbook! And on the bonus cd she sings even more Gershwin songs! More than 4 hours… Wow!
    I admit, I ‘just’ listened to the three original cd’s and left the fourth cd in the box, because more than 3 hours of music seemed already enough for me.

    While you’re listening to a 3 hour album, there is of course great danger that all songs start sounding alike. But, this album proves the great talent of the Gershwins. True, some songs float by quite unnoticed, but there are many songs with an original melody. Most credit goes of course to the compositions (that’s George!), where sometimes original sounds are included, like in Just Another Rumba or Slap That Bass (one of the best songs on this album). And what’s more, the lyrics are also extremely good (that’s Ira!). Everybody knows the song Let's Call The Whole Thing Off (You say potato, I say potato, you say tomato, I say tomato,…) by its lyrics… and there are other nice ones to be found: