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  • Data de nascimento

    16 Março 1989 (idade 33)

Alexandra Drewchin (born March 16, 1989), known professionally as Eartheater, is an American experimental multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer and vocalist. Born in North East, Pennsylvania, she is currently based in Queens, New York, and has been performing since 2009. Her music has been released on Hausu Mountain and PAN.

To date, Eartheater has released four full-length solo albums. Metalepsis (March 2015) and RIP Chrysalis (November 2015) were released on the Chicago-based label Hausu Mountain. Upon review of her first album, Collin Joyce of Pitchfork (website) noted that "Metalepsis is music that's built to overwhelm and envelop you, and maybe even, as Drewchin's moniker suggests, swallow worlds whole."

IRISIRI (June 2018) was released on Berlin-based PAN (record label). Andrew Ryce of Resident Advisor described the album as "baffling and inspired in equal measure", and Pitchfork named it one of "the best experimental albums of 2018."

After contributing a new track to a compilation in April, Eartheater announced in August 2019 that she would release the mixtape Trinity in October 2019 via her own imprint, Chemical X. In December of the same year, Eartheater released a collaborative EP with LEYA titled Angel Lust for PAN.

In May 2020, Eartheater shared the single "Below the Clavicle", which was later included on her fourth album, Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin, released through PAN on October 2, 2020. The album was mostly created over a ten-week artist residency in Zaragoza, Spain, drawing inspiration from geological imagery.

In addition to her solo work, she is a member of Guardian Alien alongside Greg Fox. She also contributed guitar on the 2019 Caroline Polachek single "Ocean Of Tears" and covered Mazzy Star's Fade Into You with Sega Bodega on Reestablishing Conncection, a cover project benefiting the AIM COVID-19 Crisis Fund.

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