• Duffy Mp3

    Set 8 2008, 11h17 por liiiiili

  • Duffy, hips and slaps.

    Mar 31 2008, 3h59 por brunofrika

    Welcome, me! For starts, let's clear the obvious. Music is taste, and you know what they say about taste. I got mine, you got yours, the bus drivers got theirs. Everybody's happy with their musical tastes, so every music plays its part, whether it's representing some ideology, opinion, a heartache or just a new hip move.

    And to warm up, I present to you my new musical addiction: Duffy. The blondie's 23 y.o. and comes from Nefyn, a small town in Wales (U.K.) Inspired by a song her father recorded when she was a child, she decided to make her way into music. She was a local celebrity kid, but her big boom was between 2007 and 2008 when she released her first two singles: "Rockferry" and "Mercy".

    On March 3rd came her first album: Rockferry. The sound mixes and reinvents jazz, motown and soul and the result is mezzo it's-sad-but-I'm-leaving-you, mezzo get-out-you-stupid-ex-boyfriend pop. All lyrics were co-written by her and the songs were produced by Bernard Butler