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  • Anos de atividade

    2005 – até o momento (12 anos)

Genre: Death/Doom Metal - United States
Lyrical themes: Darkness, Morbidity, Death, Hauntings, Evil

Daryl Kahan Guitars
Shawn Eldridge Drums
Randi Stokes Bass
Craig Pillard Vocals
Bill Venner Guitars

The Vault of Membros Demo 2009
Disma / Winterwolf Split 2011
The Manifestation EP 2011
Towards the Megalith Full-length 2011

DISMA was formed in 2007 by Guitarists, Bill Venner and Daryl Kahan with the intention of creating some Heavy and Morbid Death Metal. During this period the duo began (de)composing their first compositions and arrangements which laid the groundwork for what was to come. Drummer Shawn Eldridge joined the ranks along with bassist Randi Stokes in 2008. Vocalist Craig Pillard joined Disma later that year, completing the line-up. Over the next year the band rehearsed and refined their early material. The band started playing shows including their first which took place at the “New Jersey Death Fest” in October 2009 also playing several successful shows in New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Texas.On October 11th 2009, Disma entered Technical Ecstasy / Analog Destruction Studios in Milltown, New Jersey to record three songs with engineer Chris Pierce. In 2009, the band released its first demo entitled “The Vault of Membros” which received a huge response worldwide from fans, labels and magazines.Disma appeared live and was interviewed on WNYU’s “Soma Degenerate” Radio show in November 2009.In January 2010, Disma recorded a two song 7” EP entitled “The Manifestation”. This limited edition EP was released in June 2011 on Necroharmonic Productions. March 7th 2010, Disma played at the “Rites of Darkness Festival” in Austin, Texas at The Broken Neck along with Nunslaughter. In June 2010, the band returned to Technical Ecstasy Studio to record one song for a split 7” EP with the Finnish band Winterwolf. This limited edition EP was released in May 2011 on Doomentia Records (Czech Republic).

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