• Dirty Three concert review - Faenza, Italy

    Mai 26 2007, 14h20 por steerpike

    Fri 25 May – Dirty Three

    Australia's Dirty Three are by now a Post-Rock institution having been in operation since 1993 with 7 albums to date.

    Their drifting instrumentals fluctuate between melancholy and madness.

    Violinist and driving force Warren Ellis entertainingly explains the themes of sex , sea, and sky although the two way exchange he is looking for is somewhat frustrated by his lack of Italian (and the audience's limited English!). He asks if someone will volunteer as a translator but the deal of 3 euros for the service flounders when the trial phrase ("Thank You!") fails to produce the requisite: "grazie".

    Ellis looks like Rasputin with his long bushy bear and angular stage moves. He kicks out mid-solo as if he's trying to get rid of an irritating dog. He also has this fetching way responding to applause by throwing a blown kiss into the audience baseball style and following this with a gesture that made me think of fisherman yanking in a massive catch.